Personalized Team Geoffrey
Custom Ribbon Color Wrist Temporary Tattoo Pack
6 custom wrist tattoos per pack
Item #2702

Make someone feel special with personalized temporary tattoos. Personalize the name and the color of the ribbon.

Dab on easily with water in seconds, brush on your skin-toned face powder to set and remove with rubbing alcohol. Precut, so you can use and share these tats anywhere.

Peel off tattoos are easy to remove by pressing adhesive tape firmly on tattoos and pull. Tattoo will come off with the tape.

PLEASE NOTE: Temporary tattoos should not be worn by pregnant or nursing women or persons allergic to medical adhesives. Not suitable for 12 years of age or younger.

You can personalize it!
2" wide x 1.5" tall
Tattoo Price $6.95 - Add Tattoo to Cart!
Peel Off Tattoos Price $6.95 - Add Peel Off Tattoos to Cart!