Standard Custom Small Racing Bib Numbers Temporary Tattoo Pack
40 One-Digit Number Tattoos per Pack
Sized for Arm
Item #1671

Bold waterproof race bib number tattoos! Customize the color of the numbers! Wear them on your legs, arm or back! You will be easy to spot and look amazing too! Great for your friends to cheer you on the sidelines too!

Pre-cut individual number tattoos dab on with water in seconds.

Sized to be worn on the arm, but can be placed anywhere.

Forty custom-color one-digit number temporary tattoos per package. In other words, 4 sets of 10 one-digit number tattoos.

Please note: Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use temporary tattoos or persons allergic to medical adhesives. Not suitable for children age 12 or under.

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You can personalize it!
1" wide x 2" tall
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